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The Book of Divine Magic


The real magic is in a well understood life

Beyond the images of grimoires and more or less obscure formulas, true magic is a science. That of vigilant observation in all our activities because our actions, feelings, thoughts or words necessarily produce effects, positive or negative. Also this real magic consists in generating only beneficial effects for us as for the others.

1 – The Danger of the Current Revival of Magic
2 – The Magic Circle of the Aura
3 – The Magic Wand
4 – The Magic Word
5 – Talismans
6 – Is Thirteen an Unlucky Number
7 – The Moon
8 – Working with Nature Spirits
9 – Flowers and Perfumes
10 – We All Work Magic
11 – The Three Great Laws of Magic
12 – The Hand
13 – The Power of a Glance
14 – The Magical Power of Trust
15 – Love, the Only True Magic
16 – Never Look for Revenge
17 – The Exorcism and Consecration of Objects
18 – Protect Your Dwelling Place