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The Path of Silence


Silence, the highest region of our soul

Of all languages, silence is that of perfection because it is the expression of our spirit that prompts us to review our life, to reflect on it and to learn from it. All this work of detachment, simplification and synthesis leads us to the true understanding of things, which is the essential goal of all spiritual practice.
1 - Noise and Silence
2 - Achieving Inner Silence
3 - Leave Your Cares at the Door
4 - Make Your Meals an Exercise in Silence
5 - Silence, a Reservoir of Energies
6 - The Inhabitants of Silence
7 - Harmony, the Essential Condition for Inner Silence
8 - Silence, the Essential Condition for Thought
9 - The Quest for Silence is the Quest for the Centre
10 - Speech and the Logos
11 - A Master Speaks in Silence
12 - The Voice of Silence is the Voice of God
13 - The Revelations of a Starry Sky
14 - A Silent Room