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The Second Birth – Love, Wisdom, Truth


Why and how to be born a second time

To be born a second time is not only a matter of symbolism: it is the fruit of an interior work which aims to open and free all our subtle channels. This form of alchemy can be achieved by acting with two elements: water (love) and fire (wisdom). By uniting love and wisdom we give birth to truth and new life. We thus become fraternal and universal citizens.

1. The Second Birth
2. ‘Ask, and it Shall be Given to You. Seek, and You Shall Find. Knock, and it Shall be Opened to You.’
3. Truth is Hidden in the Eyes
4. Wisdom is Hidden in the Ears
5. Love is Hidden in the Mouth
6. Love, Wisdom and Truth
7. The Master of the Universal White Brotherhood – Peter Deunov
8. The Living Chain of the Universal White Brotherhood

Complete Works