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‘Walk While You Have the Light’


All the powers are within us

Spirituality teaches us how to “come home”, our original homeland, the source of all creation and provides us with the means to do so. The journey is long, and those who embark on it can go through times of discouragement. This book explains how to keep moving forward, to avoid obstacles, to get up when we fall, living in a present that must be fully aware because everything we live in here and now prepares for the future.

1 – So you will never again have to say, ‘If only I had known’
2 – ‘Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing’
I – The symbolism of right and left
II – The two hands of God
3 – The programme for the day and the programme for eternity
4 – ‘Do not worry about tomorrow’
5 – Only the present belongs to us
6 – Before the sun goes down
7 – Passing over to the next world
8 – Unlimited life
9 – The meaning of funeral rites
10 – Our relationship to our family spirits
11 – What is God’s will?
12 – Serving the divine Principle
13 – Climbing to the Lord’s altar
14 – Keep walking!
15 – On the threshold of a new year