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Cosmic Balance – The Secret of Polarity


A symbol that dominates all creation

The symbol of the Libra is universal and used, among other things, to represent justice. But above all, it is a powerful subject for meditation and reflection, for it is by balancing this Libra within us that we will achieve a greater understanding of ourselves, of life and of the whole of creation: harmonizing the positive and the negative, the masculine and the feminine, rigor and mercy, attraction and repulsion, water and fire.

1 – Cosmic Balance and the Number Two
2 – Oscillation of the Scales
3 – One and Zero
4 – The Role of The Masculine and The Feminine
I – Adam and Eve: Spirit and Matter
II – Adam and Eve: Wisdom and Love
III – The Mental and Astral Planes
IV – Man and Woman
5 – God Transcends Good and Evil
6 – The White Head and the Black Head
7 – Alternation and Antagonism – The Law of Opposites
8 – ‘To Work the Miracles of One Thing’ – The Figure of Eight and the Cross
9 – The Caduceus of Hermes – The Astral Serpent
10 – Iona, Principle of Life – Horeb, Principle of Death
11 – The Triad Kether-Chesed-Geburah
I – Sceptre and Orb
II – Mind and Heart
III – A Straight Line and a Curved Line
12 – The Law of Exchange
13 – The Key and the Lock
14 – The Work of the Spirit on Matter – The Holy Grail
15 – Union of the Ego with the Physical Body
16 – The Sacrament of the Eucharist
17 – The Androgynes of Myth
18 – Union with the Universal Soul and the Cosmic Spirit