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Cosmic Moral Law


Morality, the foundation of universal empathy

We often hear and use words like “chance”, “bad luck”, “injustice”: all this inspires a feeling of chaos, of a blind nature. What is it really? There is a connection between all living creatures, as there is a connection between all the cells of the physical body. All our gestures, acts, words, emotions and thoughts propagate in space, reach other living beings and are returned to us according to their nature: for good or for bad. Many examples, tips and methods make this book a guide like a beacon in the night.

1. ‘As You Sow, So Shall You Reap’
2. The Importance of Choice – Work not Pleasure
3. Creative Activity as a Means of Evolution
4. Justice
5. The Law of Affinity: Peace
6. The Law of Affinity: True Religion
7. The Laws of Nature and Moral Law
8. Reincarnation
9. Don’t Stop Half-Way
10. Know How to Use Your Energies
11. How to Distil the Quintessence
12. The Moral Law Exemplified in a Spring
13. Why Look for Models in the World Above
14. Man Creates in the Invisible World by Means of his Thoughts and Feelings
15. We must not Sever the Link Between the World Below and the World Above
16. If You Are Light You Will Seek the Company of Light
17. Duplicates – New Recordings
18. Morality Comes into its Own in the World Above
19. Example ist the Best Teacher
20. Turn the Other Cheek

Complete Works