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Creation: Artistic and Spiritual


We can be our own work

The author has always insisted on the importance of working on the subject, including on the psychic level. So he tells us, "it is a work of creation that is akin to artistic creation". Thus all artistic activity is closely linked to that of the mind. This book is a precious guide, nourished with concrete explanations and practical methods in order to capture the purest elements to illuminate the matter of our different bodies: spiritual, psychic and physical.

1 – Art, Science and Religion
2 – The Divine Sources of Inspiration
3 – The Work of the Imagination
4 – Prose and Poetry
5 – The Human Voice
6 – Choral Singing
7 – How to Listen to Music
8 – The Magic Power of a Gesture
9 – Beauty
10 – Idealization as a Means of Creation
11 – A Living Masterpiece
12 – Building the Temple