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Know Thyself: Jnana Yoga (2)


Discover and study what we really are

"Know thyself..." All the science of the mind, spirituality, is condensed in this formula. What do we know about us today? Our physical body, of course, the first strata of our psyche, but what a long way to go to discover and study the multiple centers, organs or devices thanks to which man can enter into a relationship with the spiritual world, or the divine world like calls the author who tells us moreover: "How can we imagine that the Creator, who has endowed us with all the tools necessary to live and act in the physical plane, has left us destitute to live and act in the physical planes? psychic and spiritual? »

1 – Beauty
2 – Spiritual Work
3 – The Power of Thought
4 – Knowledge: Heart and Mind
5 – The Causal Plane
6 – Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation and Identification
7 – Prayer
8 – Love
9 – The Will
10 – Art and Music
11 – Physical Gestures
12 – Respiration

Complete Works