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The Faith that Moves Mountains


Faith, an absolute certainty which results in a realization

In this book, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov clearly explains to us what faith is, how to nurture it and how to use it to develop ourselves. This is neither a belief nor an irrational feeling because it is based on the experiences that we have had during our past incarnations, and which are inscribed in our soul, as well as the knowledge of the great universal laws including that of causes and consequences.

1 – Faith, hope and love
2 – The mustard seed
3 – Faith and belief
4 – Science and religion
5 – Faith always precedes knowledge
6 – Retrieving lost knowledge
7 – A religion is only a form of faith
8 – Our divine lineage
9 – Proof of God’s existence lies within us
10 – Identifying with God
11 – God is life
12 – God in creation
13 – Rabota, vreme, vera: work, time, faith