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The Living Book of Nature


The urgency of reconnecting with Life

Life is nothing other than uninterrupted exchanges between man and nature. By opening our heart to nature, by feeling that we are fully linked to it and that we are totally part of it, we can then access the "great book of nature". So we will begin to capture, grasp, information of a subtle nature and discover the true meaning of the "science of life". Because nature is the great cosmic reservoir with which we must urgently enter into contact.

1 – The Living Book of Nature
2 – Day and Night
3 – Spring Water or Stagnant Water
4 – Marriage, a Universal Symbol
5 – Distilling the Quintessence
6 – The Power of Fire
7 – The Naked Truth
8 – Building a House
9 – Red and White
10 – The River of Life
11 – The New Jerusalem: Perfected Man
I – The Gates
II – The Foundations
12 – Learning to Read and Write.