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Man’s Two Natures, Human and Divine


Learn to discern where our impulses come from

Evolution has placed human beings on the frontiers of the animal world and the higher world, considered divine. This situation is thus at the origin of the ambiguity of our nature, double, at the same time lower and higher. Complementary as spirit and matter are, these two natures should help us develop harmoniously: by learning to dominate the first and by working to awaken the second.

1 – Human Nature or Animal Nature?
2 – The Lower Self is a Reflection
3 – Man’s True Identity
4 – Methods of Escape
5 – The Sun Symbolizes the Divine Nature
6 – Put the Personality to Work
7 – Perfection Comes with the Higher Self
8 – The Silent Voice of the Higher Self
9 – Only by Serving the Divine Nature
10 – Address the Higher Self in Others
11 – Man’s Return to God, the Victory