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The Yoga of Nutrition


Learning to feed consciously

No matter what type of diet you are on, the most important thing is to know how to eat mindfully. The inner state in which we absorb food and the interest we take in our actions during meals are then reflected on us. Discover how to draw subtle energies from nutrition that will allow us to better accomplish all our activities afterwards.

1 – Eating: an Act which Concerns the Whole Man
2 – Hrani-Yoga
3 – Food: a Love-Letter from God
4 – Choosing Your Food
5 – Vegetarianism
6 – The Ethics of Eating
7 – Fasting:
I – Means of Purification
II – Another Form of Nutrition
8 – Communion
9 – The Meaning of the Blessing
10 – The Spirit Transforms Matter
11 – The Law of Symbiosis