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A Philosophy of Universality


The importance of developing a collective consciousness

This book is a real how-to manual to help us overcome our limited and self-centered viewpoints to broaden our awareness to the community. And not only human but also all the kingdoms that share this planet with us and far beyond. It is not about giving up our own development but making it useful to as many people as possible. From there we can finally participate in a universal fraternity.

1 – What is a Sect?
2 – No Church is Eternal
3 – The Spirit Behind the Form
4 – The Advent of the Church of St. John
5 – The Foundations of a Universal Religion
6 – The Great Universal White Brotherhood
7 – For a Universal Notion of the Family
8 – Brotherhood, a Higher State of Consciousness
9 – The Annual Conventions at the Bonfin
10 – The Universal Dimension of All Our Activities