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Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon


Its usefulness to awaken higher faculties

The sexual force is a tremendous energy that goes far beyond what we can believe. In this book Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explains to us concretely why and how to sublimate it: by directing this energy "up" so that it feeds the brain cells. This is not, of course, to bully ourselves out of deprivation, but to make us realize that there are other possibilities than letting them manifest only at "below." Because when this energy is well understood and well used we can use it to awaken higher faculties.

1 – The Winged Dragon
2 – Love and Sexuality
3 – The Sexual Force is Essential for Life on Earth
4 – Pleasure:
I – Do not Seek Pleasurefor it Will Impoverish You
II – Replace Pleasure with Work
5 – The Dangers of Tantric Yoga
6 – Love without Waiting to be Loved
7 – Love is Everywhere in the Universe
8 – Spiritual Love is a Higher Way of Feeding Ourselves
9 – A High Ideal Transforms Sexual Energy
10 – Open Your Love to a Higher Path