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The Laughter of a Sage


Laughter is a way of communicating life.’

As an authentic sage, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explains to us, among other things, why tears and laughter are important. Whatever their origin, tears release a certain inner tension. However, tears of joy and wonder are the most beneficial because they comfort us, beautify us and rejuvenate us. As for laughter, it is not always a sign of recklessness or lack of seriousness because there are living energies within it that nourish the brain.

1. The sage lives in hope
2. Like a shepherd watching over his sheep…
3. Protecting the frontiers of our soul
4. Waiting and staying alert
5. ‘If your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light’
6. Seriousness, tears, laughter, celebration
7. The sage’s lamp is filled with joyfulness
8. Tongue of iron and tongue of gold
9. Victory over suffering: the smile of God
10. Every sacrifice we make engraves the mark of the sun within us
11. ‘The greatest among you will be your servant’
12. Giving thanks: a source of light and joy
13. Getting your name written in the book of life
14. Seated at the banqueting table