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The Mysteries of Fire and Water


Discovering the two great cosmic principles

As we get used to observing and listening to nature, we come into contact with the soul of the different kingdoms and elements, such as that of water and fire. Water is the symbol of the raw material, the matrix of life, and this life came out of the water thanks to the principle of fire, symbol of the spirit, which set this matter in motion. So life on earth was also born from the action of fire on water. In this work these two elements are considered as the two principles of creation, like the feminine - the horizontal line - and the masculine - the vertical line: from these two assembled lines is born the symbol of the cross whose origin dates back to the oldest antiquity. Numerous analogies and explanations clarify the meanings and influences of these elements on the physical, psychological, psychic and spiritual levels.

1 – The Two Principles of Creation, Water and Fire
2 – The Secret of Combustion
3 – Water, the Matrix of Life
4 – Civilization, a Product of Water
5 – The Living Chain of Sun, Earth and Water
6 – A Blacksmith Works with Fire
7 – Water is Born of Mountains
8 – Physical and Spiritual Water
9 – Feeding the Flame
10 – The Essential Role of Fire
11 – The Cycle of Water: Reincarnation
12 – The Cycle of Water: Love and Wisdom
13 – A Candle Flame
14 – How to Light and Tend Fire
15 – Water, the Universal Medium
16 – The Magic Mirror
17 – Trees of Light
18 – The Coming of the Holy Spirit
19 – A Treasury of Pictures