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The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil


Two streams from the same Source

We are continually subject to the duality of good and evil, for more often than not nothing is quite right or quite wrong, and even the best things can come with downsides. To this question, this book does not only provide clear and precise explanations but above all practical methods to strengthen oneself spiritually, learn to manage this duality and triumph over the trials of life.

1 – The Serpent of Genesis
2 – What Good is Evil?
3 – Beyond Good and Evil
4 – Until the Harvest
5 – The Philosophy of Unity
6 – Into the Wilderness to Be Tempted
7 – The Undesirables
8 – Suicide is not the Answer
9 – The Real Weapons
10 – The Science of the Initiates, or the Inner Lamps