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The Wellsprings of Eternal Joy


Immune yourself against suffering

One of the most important faculties is to rejoice, not to possess. Joy is in our higher nature and pain is in our lower nature. So if we want to taste real, eternal joy, we must seek to live in soul and in spirit. They alone have the power to project us into infinite space for the higher nature lives and resides in eternal light and eternal bliss.

1 – God, the beginning and end of our journey
2 – Beginning the journey
3 – Suffering is a stimulus
4 – Seeking God’s answers within
5 – In the school of life: the lessons of Cosmic Intelligence
6 – ‘Like a fish in water’
7 – A commitment to heaven
8 – Forging ahead fearlessly
9 – The light of the spirit should be our only guide
10 – Our place on the cosmic Tree
11 – ‘Going abroad’
12 – Patience: its unexpected treasures
13 – And all beings will follow you on this path of joy
14 – Always reach for new heights
15 – So that love will never leave us
16 – Opening the doors to the dream world
17 – The long road to joy
18 – Visits from angelic beings