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Toward a Solar Civilization


For a physical, psychic and spiritual ecology

As early as 1937, the author had predicted that in the future, humanity would no longer use wood, coal or oil to produce energy, but that it would use only the sun's rays. In the future, he said, "it is thanks to the sun's energy that we will light up, heat ourselves, travel.... We will even feed ourselves with sunlight. "Now more and more people are recognizing the validity of this vision and are gradually becoming aware that the sun is a huge field to explore.

1 – The Sun, Initiator of Civilization
2 – Surya Yoga
3 – Seeking the Centre
4 – The Sun our Provider
5 – The Solar Plexus
6 – Man is Made in the Image of the Sun
7 – The Spirits of the Seven Lights
8 – The Sun as our Model
9 – The True Solar Religion