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Truth: Fruit of Wisdom and Love


The truth, synthesis of the spirit

"To each his own truth", says a proverb, and it is in the name of their particular "truth" that humans keep confronting each other. However, the truth never comes to present itself as obvious which is imposed on us, and even less do we have the possibility of imposing it on others. It is the fruit of an incessant collaboration between our heart (love) and our intellect (wisdom) thus giving birth to a synthesis which can only be known by the mind.
1 - The Quest for Truth
2 - Truth, the Child of Wisdom and Love
3 - Wisdom and Love; Light and Warmth
4 - The Love of a Disciple; the Wisdom of a Master
5 - Truth, the Kernel of Life
6 - ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life'
7 - The Blue Ray of Truth
8 - Three Levels of Truth
9 - Be Faithful to the Truth
10 - There is no Arguing about Tastes
11 - Reality: Objective and Subjective
12 - The Primacy of Subjective Reality
13 - Scientific Progress v. Moral Progress
14 - Scientific Truth and the Truth of Life
15 - A Fresh View of Reality
16 - Dreams and Reality
17 - Truth Transcends Good and Evil
18 - ‘The Truth shall Make you Free'(I) (II)