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What is a Spiritual Master?


A Spiritual Master is first of all an example

A true Spiritual Master is not only a being who knows the essential truths, who possesses control, domination and self-mastery. He is above all a being who, in his multiple past incarnations, had to make the same experiences, the same mistakes, overcome the same obstacles as us before becoming what he is. That is why he is a reference to give us the best conditions to manifest the qualities buried in us.

1 – How to Recognize a True Spiritual Master
2 – The Necessity for a Spiritual Master
3 – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
4 – The Exotic Should not be Confused with Spirituality
5 – Learn How to Balance the Material and Spiritual Worlds
6 – A Master is a Mirror Reflecting the Truth
7 – A Master is There Only to Give Light
8 – The Disciple and His Master
9 – The Universal Dimension of a Master
10 – The Magical Presence of a Master
11 – Identification
12 – ‘Except Ye Become as Little Children…’